Jacqueline Moore Principal 
Matthew Green Assistant Principal - Mission 
Jasmine Stuart Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching 
Leader of Inclusion 
Leah Bancroft Leader of Literacy and Numeracy Projects 
Classroom Teacher 
Peter Tonkin Leader of Sport 
Classroom Teacher
Aleisha Bryant Classroom Teacher
Colin Woods Classroom Teacher 
Georgia Gibson Classroom Teacher 
Janeen Myson Classroom Teacher 
Katherine Davies Classroom Teacher 
Hannah Gorman Classroom Teacher
Melissa Brown Classroom Teacher 
Patricia Niethe Classroom Teacher 
Samantha Ford Classroom Teacher
Rebecca Bentley Classroom Teacher 
Tanya Stackman Classroom Teacher 
Julie Staples Student Education Worker 
Lindsay Tulloch Student Education Worker 
Mindy Cameron Student Education Worker 
Kate Thompson Student Education Worker
Paula Carter Student Education Worker 
Isaac Hegedus Indigenous Education Worker
Lisa Kelly Administration 
Sharon Cannon Administration 
Catherine Collopy School Counsellor 
Ray Aspinall Maintenance